Decisions, Decisions, Decisions

Decisions, Decisions, Decisions

As business owners, we are constantly making decisions. A decision can make or break a business. Complex and unpredictable interpersonal and personal issues are involved in the decision-making process and can result in anxiety.
Decisions - Financial Insights

A decision is a risk-based judgment. The trickiest part is to decide between right and wrong. To make sound and effective, not necessarily clever, decisions we need to know what the decision is all about and what underlying realities are to be satisfied. The impact is more important than the technique. Decision-making is a logical and ordered process that involves decision-making skills. These skills show your ability in choosing between alternatives. Problem-solving skills factor in the different viewpoints to consider the numerous variables required to make a sound decision. Emotions must be separated from the facts. Emotions can easily influence the process.

This is where emotional intelligence comes to play. It makes you critically aware of your emotions and how you are expressing them. Leadership involves the act of organizing employees and motivating them to work on a common goal. A strong relationship with the employees results in a highly effective team as employees will have the courage to discuss any problems they recognize. Consider all advantages and disadvantages as well as all available and relevant data points, whilst staying objective and grounded during the process. Keep your reasoning aligned with the people you trust and keep the goals in mind that you are trying to achieve. Reasoning is the main skill needed to make an informed decision. Reasoning does not stand alone it involves teamwork.

You need to decide on and trust your instincts. Your intuition comes from past experiences and your core values and will guide you in making logical and actionable decisions.

A unique solution is generated when your logical and emotional thinking comes together. Employees can be involved in brainstorming sessions to come up with short and long-term ideas to make productive decisions. Decisions must be made within the time frame available. it is worth mentioning that it is not necessarily the speed that counts but the impact of the decision.

This sequence of steps must be followed to make effective decisions:


A business owner using these steps together with decision-making skills makes decisions that have a significant and lasting impact on the business’s success. The most important to remember is that decisions have no impact unless it has been put into action.

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