The one thing every entrepreneur should do
Entrepreneurs have an inherent fear of failure. Thus, we will do everything in our power to be successful. With that said it is very interesting how many business owners do not do that one thing. Keeping track of your finances precisely is the most important thing you can do. This…
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The numbers story
We all love a good story. For some, it is a love story, for others like crime and others’ actions. The financial numbers in a business also tell a story to the stakeholders. The question now is how do numbers tell a story? Accounting is the language of business and…
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Inventory Management
The relationship between inventory management and sales is important because you can only know what inventory you have, if you know what has been purchased and what has been sold, with the net effect being the impact on the cash flow. The business owner must keep accurate records to track…
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Do you feel the financial crunch?
Financial issues can be toxic for your health as this causes a vicious cycle of stressing about money and the stress causes illness and the illness has a financial impact, meantime we try to cope by overeating, alcohol; and drug abuse. And so it continues and your life is out…
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Why invest in an accountant?
Are you one of those people that can service your car at home? Most don’t. Instead, they use a professional mechanic to keep things running smoothly and to advise them on potential issues. The same applies to your business’s finances.
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The SARS headache
A few people jump with joy when a notification is received that SARS is requesting additional information. Honestly, for most people just mentioning SARS results in an instant headache.
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